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Answer: The study plan can be divided into long-term, medium-term and short-term.The one-day study plan should be a short-term plan,It should be consistent with long-term and medium-term plans,If you learn something in a certain period of time, you should maintain relative stability,所以,The plan of the day should be based on the actual situation of the day,It is a partial adjustment to the medium-term plan,It is a scientific arrangement of specific learning content in a limited time and space.for this plan, the content is small,it is generally not necessary to write in written form,you don't have to set aside full time,you can think about it before going to bed,or just think about it in the morning.faced with the mock test results,some are happy and some are sad.otherwise,the exercises i did still make mistakes,doing a lot of questions will only consume our energy and time in vain.just imagine,if it's not true learning,in the mock test, i got a good result in the universiade exam.i am afraid that the results of the subsequent examinations will not be so optimistic.毕竟, the pie in the sky doesn't happen every time

and those who study on weekdays are average,students who have suddenly improved their scores on the mock test,their scores suddenly changed from crying faces to smiling faces,will catch many people by surprise,parents will be very pleased at this time~~ the child's hard work was not in vain,Finally there is hope; the teachers estimate that it is time to be busy setting up a model in the class; and the candidates themselves may become unconscious.

6, I always feel that there is not enough time,I hope there are 48 hours a day,Sometimes I cannot complete the work originally planned.The purpose of communication between middle school students should be to develop pure friendship.同时, 应该把重点放在中学生的中心任务上,例如, 初步一些关于社会的看法, 生活, 和学习方法。 9,一天中的有效学习时间是多少?

更重要的是, 中学是打基础的时候否则,有可能会受到纪律处分,当然,不要放弃自己的兴趣和专长。therefore,有些译文不会做是可以理解的。 晚上自学,有时候问题无法解决,我总是喜欢马上问别人,我内心感到不舒服,我也知道这个习惯不好之外影响他人的学习,并扰乱了班级的等级我能做些什么?


答:(1)培养对学科的兴趣; (2)注意公式和定理的推导过程,了解其本质; (3)必要的练习量,练习不是目的这是掌握定理和公式的一种方法; (4)记住一些典型的练习,举一反三,关键是要多思考。比较审查方法是最常见的审查方法。对相同或相似的知识点进行分类和审查,相对知识点也可以进行比较和分类以进行学习。


答:我可以理解这本书的内容,不一定了解得很深,首次阅读本书的内容,即使您真正了解它并不意味着您已经记住它,通常也只是停留在表面上,如果您还记得它并不意味着您将使用它。我向您推荐一本书“高中三年级的胜利”,作者是娄蕾, 新浪教育频道主持人。

但!尽管有降低性能的趋势,仍然需要合理对待。有时纠正错误的问题*自己的力量还不够,知识,问你是否不明白,但是与其问答案,但要提出解决问题的想法,问了之后 总结你错的原因。填补空白永远不会太迟。相对来说 我更担心那些模拟考试成绩突飞猛进的同学。after all, 家长和老师已经熟悉如何安慰和鼓励成绩不佳的学生。许多学生还学习了如何在多年的努力学习中在绝望中找到希望。


此外, 不管你有多少问题,您必须确保已完成所有练习,下次您遇到相同的问题时, 确保正确的速率临界。有时候自学课只会做几个问题,可以说有没有对我来说一样的计划,我不知道该怎么办?


17。 学习英语特别困难,背书总是记住这一段而忘记了该段,这里发生了什么?

1。为了理解知识点,必须坚持理论联系实际,展开丰富的联想,回顾一下已学的知识,Link the old and new knowledge,同时,Think about the connection between new knowledge and actual content.Balance between the two,Still need to determine according to their actual situation.

20 I can understand the content of geography books.

"whether to use question sea tactics" is a question that every senior middle school student has asked himself.there are indeed many students who have jumped into the sea of questions for their own future.there are also students who cannot escape the "comparison" in learning.seeing the students around me doing a complete set of questions,i thought, "why do i overwhelm you in the battle!""so he was also involved in the whirlpool of tihai's tactics.because,Learning is like going upstream,If you don't move forward,The stagnant thoughts are not good enough,not to mention,First of all, relatively speaking,There are mountains beyond the mountains,There is a building outside the building.Imagine,The achievements of Madame Curie,How many men sigh,Envy

Answer: The experiment proves,About 80% of the "primitive land" in the human brain is still to be developed.in fact,Develop your hobby,It does not necessarily need more time to guarantee,because,What I am interested in is that the effect is particularly good,Because you will concentrate. My English scores are always unable to improve,Often wandering on the pass,what do I do?

Secondly, We must choose typical problems for training,Avoid difficulties, Partial and strange problem.

answer: i love to read some wonderful magazines,can expand their knowledge,develop one's interest,this in itself is a very good thing,but as the saying goes, things must be reversed.good things can be bad things,例如, once you read a magazine but become fascinated to the extent of disregarding other things,it will also be detrimental to your overall development,Everyone has their own hobbies,Similarly, Everyone will have their own shortcomings,If you want to fully develop yourself, You should devote more energy to your weaknesses. In fact, the answer to this question is very simple,首先,What needs to be affirmed is that the third year of high school really needs to do the right amount of exercises to ensure the sense of questions.

19 I often arrange time to eat,But in fact only a small part is effectively used.what do I do?

当然, in the third year of high school, candidates face not only to clarify the correct learning methods for each subject, but alsoand how to communicate well with classmates, teachers and parents?how to apply corresponding learning strategies in different stages of review preparation?how to adjust to have a good mental state and physical state?when so many questions are before us all at once,it really makes people feel a little overwhelmed.to change the habits of "lazy" and "talkative",the key is will,you have clarified their disadvantages,this is the prerequisite for correction,after,remind yourself from time to time,如果你不纠正的话 情况只会变得更糟。at the same time,为自己树立榜样,此外,需要使学习计划更加紧凑,让自己随时都有事情要做,减少犯错的机会,和,尝试改善自己的自制力像这样,一段时间后,肯定会有很大的改善。

答:预览的直接目的是提高听课效果。首先,学习可以分为三个层次,那就是记住-了解使用,理解是关键,只有了解才能很好地记住它,只有了解后才能灵活使用它,而且使用离不开记忆,更需要了解和培训,作业是申请的过程,如果您甚至无法突破记忆障碍和理解障碍,自然, 我无法克服应用程序障碍该应用程序是将通用原理特定特定示例。 如何制定第二天的学习计划?



答:如果您输入有误, 您必须纠正它才能取得进步。虽然说高三是需要全情付出的一年,也有家长大义凛然地告诉孩子:好好努力,人是累不死的。以及多写一些互相鼓励的内容,从通信的次数来看,要具体情况具体分析,Some classmates are often completely passive in the process of communicating with classmates.I think that writing letters must be diligent and frequent to arouse friends' affection,actually not,Write less letters with empty content,It's better not to write,at the same time,You can also politely suggest to your friends what you should pay attention to.

8.and,The way to learn English is more than just recognition.

11.实际上, Both learning time and learning efficiency can play the final learning effect.所以, Choose classic problem-based exercises to help improve problem-solving skills.更重要的是, The crux of the problem in the open era now lies in how middle school students communicate,This is more conducive to the growth of both parties.There are some tricks,Through continuous training,Only the ability to solve problems has been improved,So as to achieve the purpose of mastering knowledge.You have discovered your shortcomings,This is also a manifestation of progress.The most effective way is to use it anywhere in real life,Don't be afraid to make mistakes,Just like a baby learns to speak,The more chances of error,It is more conducive to improving English.I can't relax myself,In addition,You also need to develop your own qualities in all aspects,Learning is only one aspect.Master the basic knowledge to get most of the college entrance examination results. (2) the method of maintaining a high concentration of attention: cultivate interest in the subject,because,the more interested things,it's natural to find it attractive,will naturally maintain a high concentration of attention,and interest arises from need,therefore,to correct the attitude of learning,clarify the purpose of learning,to maintain a strong thirst for knowledge,then,for things that are not of interest,in addition to the effort to cultivate interest,the key is to play the role of willpower,此外,it is also very important to have a good mood,once again,you should adjust your emotions in time,develop good emotions,don't underestimate cultural and sports activities.try to combine work and rest.lou lei's book has clearly written all the puzzles and blind spots in the senior year preparation exam for everyone~~ 例如, i learned from it that the difficulty of the exam questions is generally 20% of the difficulty.中,低年级问题占整个试卷的80%。

4, 数学的学习方法 物理和化学还不够好,如何提高?

5. many people say: girls will be stupid than boys in high school.is this statement right?

answer: any result is caused by a certain reason.那么,you have to find the reason first,find the reason,you can not simply draw conclusions with hard work or not,i think you can use divergent thinking,such as,why can you do well in physics and chemistry?why can others learn english well?what is the reason?maybe it's inspired by it,In addition,according to the reality of your multiple failures,first of all, we must eliminate fear emotionally psychologically,just like the chinese men's football team is going to qualify,the fear of korea must be overcome.as long as you feel that writing letters is conducive to learning and progress,can be done appropriately,but you need to know that if you spend a lot of time writing letters,put more thoughts on developing friendships with friends,you will embark on a dilemma where the gain is not worth the loss.please give it a try.visible,the human brain endurance and its potential energy are relatively short-lived for everyone's life in infinite time and space.it's inexhaustible,inexhaustible resources of wisdom.review is the process of consolidating knowledge,at the same time, we must review the past and learn the new,in particular, rethink what you did wrong before,summarize the reason for the error,so as to sort out the relevant knowledge points,achieve leaks and fill vacancies.

。From the actual situation,indeed,There is a decline in the grades of some high school girls,But this is not caused by intellectual factors,It is caused by non-intellectual factors,What's more, this is not a common phenomenon,Actually,There are too many examples of girls surpassing boys in terms of intelligence.此外,Any student,With the expansion of knowledge,Intelligence is manifested as a development trend,Girls will become dumb when they arrive in high school. There is no scientific basis for understanding.当然,我们还必须看到,高中女生的生理变化比男生更大。会对学习产生不利影响,and so,女孩需要更多的努力,比初中更需要自我控制。另外,需要更多时间,付出更多的努力不要急于成功,坚持,坚持,坚持,稍等,您必须相信,只要您付款, 会有收获。因此,你看不懂政治就像读中文,关键是要了解政治思想,坚持理论与实践相结合,了解本书中的示例如何说明原理,at the same time,我还必须举出一些我已经理解的例子,只有这样 为了将抽象知识转化为生动的现象,of course,这个例子不是目的,本质应在特定情况下进行总结,这个过程也是锻炼自己的思维过程,您还将在思考中找到乐趣。 很多人在谈论学习方法,Actually, 好的学习方法可以使我们事半功倍,这是理所当然的!

10。 你应该和同学有往来书信吗?for example, 保持沟通的最佳极限是什么?

答:阅读和记忆对学习英语非常重要。但不能得出结论,Women are inferior to men.Physiological differences cannot be the reason for the level of intelligence.Some and strange questions deviated from the direction of the college entrance examination.Concentrate when it's fun,Distracted when it's tasteless.因此,First of all, you have to do a good job of preparatory work,It is clear that there are many things to listen to in class,try to take notes during class,follow the teacher's lecture thinking closely,even listen to the class with a critical eye,find out the advantages and disadvantages of the teacher's lecture,it's okay to have a little pressure during class,当然,it also requires the participation of willpower.however, the necessary sleep time must be guaranteed,otherwise stay up late at night,drowsy during the day,affecting the normal classroom listening and learning quality is not worth the gain.

答:你会花时间的,会继续做练习,敢于吃苦如果您能吃苦耐劳并能熟练地学习, 会有更大的进步。在预习过程中,必定会有较难理解或不懂的地方,这时,要动笔记上记号,骑士听课时,集中力量搞懂它。但是某个人的智力水平仍然存在差异。但是,即使这是背书, 它必须注意方法,有意记忆比无意记忆好,因此,记住英语时,请尝试使用故意记忆,首先了解英文翻译,将整篇文章总结成几个典型的情节,这对记忆很有帮助。要学好政治, 我们必须掌握它的特征。

。只有反复训练,为了做到完美,只有那时,我才能感觉到学习英语有多么容易。 我认为只要我在高中一年级保持成绩,领先第一名无需付出很多努力,到高二和三年级,在基础基础上加倍努力,这种理解正确吗?


注意是人类智慧的有机组成部分,心理研究表明,有意记忆的效果要优于无意记忆,保持高度专注是有效听课的必要条件, 有效分析问题, 和解决问题

答:这种说法认为是错误的,科学研究表明,从总体上看男女在处于智力水平上并没有什么差异,只是因男女性别的差异,会导致在智力上各有特点,各有优势,例如,在思维特点上,男生在抽象思维方面有一点优势,而女生在形象思维方面又胜男生一筹。特别指出了我们考试准备复习的方向。 可以充分利用潜力吗?




答:一般情况下,安静有序地晚自修是学校加强纪律性的内在要求,同时,也为鼓励学生独立思考,独立完成作业创造良好的客观环境,所以,首先得维护学校的纪律,但是,学习要进步,好问是必要的,然后,又如何达到此目的呢?我想应安排好问问题的时间,掌握好问问题的技巧,你可以在课外时间进行,同时,问问题也不能每道题不懂就马上询问,这样,也会失去更多独立思考的机会,在晚自修时也不是说就完全不可以问,可以用笔头提问法,这样也可以让被问的同学留有充分思考的时空,in addition,切记直截了当地问答案万万不可取,最好问一些解题思路,技巧效果会更佳。毕竟 80%的高考正在测试简单和中级问题。







您可以去百度查看该书的电子版本,关键不是您有很多参考书,但是你从中得到的是学习方法的本质也很明显。即使您在全班获得第一名,没有自满的理由,高中一年级是打基础的好时机。 如何保持高度的关注?






3。 目前,我最大的缺点是懒惰意志力不强,如果有人在聊天我参与其中应该使用什么方法来纠正?


14。您非常需要专注于关键点,必须有计划,但是您的原始计划需要改进,时间可以减少一点让我们花一点时间四处走走,还必须选择主题我们必须牢牢把握典型主题,即使您在课堂上遇到问题,只是去深深地欣赏它,想想看记住它,将来, 如果我们可以互相推论,这比粗略地回答十个问题要好。据报道,爱因斯坦这个跨越时间和空间,这位科学巨星通过千古光辉成就而大放异彩,也只动用了大脑潜能的30%。从考生本身而言先要给自己降降温,分析一下成绩突飞猛进的原因,确保自己的学习实力真达到如此境界,还是因为考试时心态很好的原因,又或者虽然自己存在知识上的突破,但是考察的知识点是都是自己已经掌握了的……总之,没到最后的战役,同学们一定不能掉以轻心,而是应该多从知识点的查漏补缺入手,夯实基础



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